Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dia de los Padres

BigManLovesFoodSr and his Father's Day Dessert
Father's day was a few days ago and I wanted to put up a short post acknowledging the man who is most responsible for me being who I am today--let's call him BigManLovesFoodSr.

We all see dozens of posts on social media around this time of people saying the exact same things about their fathers (or the person who played that role in their life)--they're all wonderful, amazing people apparently. For a cynic, this homogeneity is nothing more than proof of people disconnecting from life and using platitudes to seek fake validation on social media. However, I choose to believe that all these people are completely genuine and the homogeneity is actually a little comforting--it indicates some universality in the relationship between a child and a their "dad."

With all that said, BigManLovesFoodSr is a wonderful, amazing person. He came to this country with very little education, not knowing the language, and had to work harder than I can even imagine to make it. His only goal in life was to make life slightly better for his children and I think he and my mom were completely successful--I'm writing this immensely popular food blog* (and doing some lawyering on the side I guess), my two bros are working, and my baby sister just finished her first year of undergrad.

For whatever issues and clashes I had with BigManLovesFoodSr when I was younger, I know that I would not be as successful as I am without him. And although he is not perfect, every day I see more and more of him in myself, and I am pretty content with that.

Here is a video of the croquembouche I put together for BigManLovesFoodSr. I am kind of in shock that I made it.

Plus some pictures of the family:

*and by immensely popular I mean double digit readership. oh yeah.

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