Monday, September 3, 2012

Lonely pictures

Tonight I was putting together some of the longer posts I have coming up (three different ice creams, churros, macarons, and shrimp skewers) and I realized I have a few more pictures that will never have a home because they don't warrant their own posts. Because this made me sad, I decided to bring them together in this aimless post.

I adopted The Cupcake Project's ultimate vanilla cupcake by adding a small piece of guava paste to the middle before baking. I found that the best way to get the desired result is to chill the guava paste thoroughly  and then dust it in flour before placing it in the cupcake. Full the cupcake liner to almost where you normally fill it, place the guava on top gently, and then just barely cover it with more batter. I also topped these with a guava-cream cheese frosting, but I was in such a hurry I didn't have a chance to make a full post out this project.

The other night a couple of my best friends here on campus and I had a dinner night. Grilled shrimp, fondant potatoes (amazing, they will be remade and turned into a post), avocado soup, and wine. Not pictured: lemon ice cream.

The perfect pancake with strawberries and white chocolate chips.

This summer I had some amazing hawaiian shaved ice topped with mango and strawberries from Guppies. This picture is deceptive: imagine a humongous punch bowl at a party and you'll be close to the size of this thing.

And from the same place, coconut toast. Again, the picture is deceiving. That piece of toast was probably as big as my head.

This summer I took a trip out to Boston for one of my best friend's bachelor party. The main thing we did was go to Fenway stadium and sit on the green monster. Amazing weekend, and I just found it so novel that they had their own ice cream.

And finally, this summer I also had my first dodger dog ever.

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