Thursday, August 23, 2012

Son of a Gun: One of My Best Meals

I know I've been MIA recently, but I just got incredibly busy getting ready for my 2000 mile drive back to school. Then on Sunday, after finishing my drive, I walked into my apartment and noticed that the fridge was not working. Considering I had been out of town for 10 weeks and had left food in the freezer, this was not a good thing. I had to spend a full day dealing with that (after a tiring drive) and ended up losing a ton of food. The good news is that my fridge was replaced and I had a chance to go and stock up on some essentials. The bad news is that, as I was making cupcakes for a new student event, I realized that the lighting is AWFUL in my apartment. The bulbs I have are really yellow and their placement creates some awful hard shadows when I take pictures in here. I definitely need to fix this before I am able to put up any posts. Thankfully, I have a few posts saved up from when I was still at my parent's house; those should be up soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of what I think is the best meal I've ever had. Before this summer, there was a tie between Animal (in LA) and Topolobampo (in Chicago). Then a friend and I decided to check out Son of a Gun, by the same guys that did Animal, and I was blown away. The pictures are pretty bad and I gave up halfway through the meal, but I would absolutely recommend this place.

Amberjack Poke w/ Citrus

Mini Lobster Roll

Fried Chicken Sandwich

And this is not from the restaurant but I wanted to post it because it is delicious. My mom's enchiladas. Incredibly simple, just cheese and spicy tomato sauce, but they always come out great.

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