Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paint the Food Red

I've been falling a little behind on updating this thing, even though I have been getting to cook a lot. A few weeks ago my little sister wanted to make cupcakes for our cousin's birthday.

My sister is in love with red velvet and thought Smitten Kitchen's recipe was perfect the last time we made it. So, we decided to use that recipe but make cupcakes with it. Plus, I am still messing around with my ice cream maker so we made a strawberry sorbet and swirled it with some cream cheese ice cream.

The pictures are sort of lacking because we were rushed and I just kept forgetting. We actually don't have any pictures of the ice cream being made, which makes me sad because the ice cream turned out unbelievably good.

I used half the food coloring recommended in the recipe and thought it was plenty.

Whisk all the dry ingredients together.

The wet ingredients all get blended together. Then you add the dry ingredients and buttermilk (1/3 dry ingredients, then 1/2 buttermilk, etc). Be careful because the red food coloring will stain anything it splashes onto.

Then you portion it out and bake it. The batter is going to be really loose, but that's how you want it. I filled my liners 3/4 full and think they rose and puffed up the perfect amount.

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