Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ice Cream: Two for One

I love citrus with fish, with chocolate, with berries, with drinks . . . basically, with everything. This past weekend I went on another ice cream making binge and made two different citrus ice creams: a creamsicle ice cream and a lemony ice cream. The creaminess of the ice cream is so good with the tartness of the oranges and lemons. The only change I would make next time is maybe candying the peel before making the ice cream (or even just boiling it for a few minutes to take out a tiny bit of the bitterness). The process is essentially the same for both of these, so I figured I would combine them into just one post.

Both of the recipes are from The Perfect Scoop with very slight modifications.

Orange Creamsicle
1 cup sugar
Zest from 5 oranges
2 cups of orange juice (I used all 5 oranges and had a little over 2 cups)
1.5 cups sour cream
1 cup half-and-half
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoon booze (David Levobitz recommends grand marnier or orange liquor, I only had brandy)

Super Lemon
1 cup sugar
Zest from 4 lemons
.75 cups lemon juice (again, used all 4 lemons)
4 cups half and half
Pinch of salt
Dash of brandy

Obviously, you need to start with some nice oranges and lemons. You want to be sure to scrub them really well under running water (no soap).

Zest all your citrus. You want to get as little of the bitter white part as possible (ideally, none of it).

Put the zest in your food processor (a blender would probably work too).

You want the zest to be really fine.

Process the zest with the sugar until you have a homogeneous mixture.

Juice your citrus.

For the creamsicle, I added the dairy and juice at the same time before blending it. For the lemon I blended the juice with the sugar/zest mixture and added the cream after.

This is what they look like once they're all mixed. I left them in the fridge overnight before turning them in the ice cream machine.

Turn on your ice cream machine (make sure it is well chilled if it is the same type as mine) and pour in the ice cream mixture.

You can see the deliciousness begin to happen.

Waiting is the worst part.

That looks like ice cream to me.

Get it ready for the freezer.



  1. Awesome! This looks amazing! Where did you get the little storage containers from? I love your presentation too hehe.

    1. thanks! I actually got the containers at smart and final. I like the little round ones the most...but they've been out the past four times I went, so I had to get the boxes.



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