Sunday, June 17, 2012

Satisfying a Shared Sweet Tooth

One of the constants in our household is that we love something sweet after eating. I've always had a huge sweet tooth, and now I realize it totally came from my dad.

So I knew I needed to have a big finale for our father's day dinner, but I wanted something that wouldn't be in the oven for too long since I was braising in there. Realized there was a some beautiful fruit in season and decided to go with another one of my favorites. Sort of based off this fresh fruit and cream tart from joythebaker, but with some twists. Full set of pictures after.

Mango,peach, blueberries, and strawberries. Plus, my little addition, some mango jam.
Let your puff pastry sheet thaw out for about 30 minutes. Unfold it, and fold over all the edges, using some egg wash to seal them. This is going to be your crust since I didn't have an actual tart pan. Next you want to poke holes with a fork all over the middle so it doesn't rise as much.
Brush it all with egg wash and put it in a 400ish degree oven until it looks like this. As you can see, I didn't poke holes deep enough with the fork so it puffed up too much.

Cup up all your fruit as uniformly as possible. You can really use any soft, sweet fruit you'd like.
I forgot to take pictures of the next couple of steps. Beat some heavy whipping cream with some cream cheese and a tiny bit of sugar until soft. That gets spread on top of the puff pastry once it is cooled down. Stick it in the fridge to get cold while you heat up some mango jam and lemon juice on the stove. This is going to be your glaze.

Once the tart is cold, layer the fruit on top, and spoon the glaze onto the fruit. Refrigerate until after dinner.


  1. Hector I'm so impressed. Impressed that a) you find the time to blog and b) that you made that DELICIOUS looking fruit tart.

    1. thanks :)

      I can't take any credit for a) cause I just started the blog and who knows if i'll actually keep it up. as for b), i'll take full responsibility ;)



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